The Guys

The Guys:

The Guys' Story

Once upon a time in a saloon far, far away a rare event took place as a few sales guys settled down to enjoy a couple of "barley pops"...ok so maybe it really wasn't that rare. Eventually the topic of conversation came around to how all of their client companies kept complaining about how sales training had just become an unproductive waste of time for their sales teams.

Theoretical sell-o-babble training centered on learning how to discover your inner self, or connect with the outer-pain of your prospect based on therapeutic group hugs. What is that?

Or, the sales trainers in cheap suits shouting motivational slogans over and over, beating you into submission, only to discover you then have to purchase their SECRET sales system for $3,799 to even get out of the meeting room! Ugh!

Or, how about the droning on and on and on by Professor E.Z. Sales - who's last real world sales experience was working a lemonade stand he had when he was in Kindergarten. Boring!

That was it - with a stack of entrepreneur planning forms (napkins) and another round for Stuart and friends, the Blue Collar Sales Guys were born.

Their idea was simple - create and deliver sales training so good that they themselves would really want to attend. Straight talk: no B.S., just simple sales techniques that everyone can do. And, presented in a fun and interesting way so participants want to listen, with easy-to-remember tools that can be used the minute you walk out the door.

Measurable Results: the sales training would need to provide proven ideas that really work in today's challenging market. Above all, it would need to be a sales training program that can be customized to the needs and participants to be truly effective...and, oh, did I mention, it had to be FUN!

With a combined record of over 30 years of successful and leading goal busting sales teams, Stuart launched the program designed just for you and guaranteed to - "UP YOUR SALES!"

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy is that in order to best serve others we must serve the truth, even though the truth is not always sugar-coated, politically correct, or easily accepted.

Our philosophy is to respect the people we serve by demanding that they be ALL-IN; to participate in the process of the Blue Collar Sales Guys with no reservations and no hesitation. We believe that in order for us to ask this of others, we must first be ALL-IN ourselves. As such, we will speak plainly and share our knowledge openly, with no reservations. We will not shy away from our message even if it may appear irreverent, knowing that our approach is always in the spirit of fun with measurable results.

We believe in treating the people we serve as both old friends and honored guests. To honor their commitment in becoming one of the guys, our events will always balance valuable learning with fun and fellowship.

Our Mission

The mission of the Blue Collar Sales Guys is to help people from all professions, at all levels within their organization, improve their skills and become more successful. We wil do this by providing training that is valuable, relevant and real!

Our mission is to combine the knowledge of the Blue Collar Sales Guys for the benefit of others.

We're proud of our partners.


100% Guarantee


STRAIGHT TALK: If for any reason whatsoever you do not feel like you received more than your money’s worth by the first break – simply hand in your materials for a complete 100% refund.

MEASURABLE RESULTS: You will generate incremental sales at least twice (2x) your program investment as a result of embracing & practicing the Blue Collar Sales Guys principles over the next year.


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Let’s face it – it is tough out there and the market is changing every day! If you keep doing what you’ve been doing you won’t even get the same results. We offer proven simple ideas that work and that you can start doing today!