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Here it is the first totally customizable sales success program with guaranteed results!

The Blue Collar Sales Guys meet with you on a one on one basis and design a specific program to meets the needs of you and your team. We have no one size fits all generic system that needs to be manipulated to address the specific situation you have. Some selections from current clients;

  • Customer First - Benefits Buying (WIIFM)
  • Reject Objections - Going from push back to pull in
  • Power Prospecting - Never Cold Call Again!
  • Rules of the Game- UFDA!
  • Time is Equal - the life paradox
  • Penetration Performance - Get more from less
  • Dr. Pleasure - Keep them in the happy place
  • Keeping Score - ECHO
  • Goal Getting - Goal setting is easy, now deliver!
  • Business Planning - Follow the Yellow Brick Road
  • Referrals ROCK! - Earn what you're worth
  • YES and? - Give them something to talk about
  • Success BluePRINT - Live your life
  • Question This! - What is your why?
  • Success as a sales team - Play well with others
  • Testimonial Time - Creating Advocates and Allies
  • Interactive Food Events - Green Eggs and Ham, It's a wrap, serve this, and mystery box

  • Step One- Meet with the sales leadership team and discover desires

  • Step Two- Connect in the field with select sales leaders

  • Step Three- Custom design a solution that incorporates measurable results

  • Step Four- Deliver a totally interactive event that is meaningfull and FUN to the group

  • Step Five- Create a series of custom messages to lock in the learning and engage participants

  • Step Six- Measure the results and share success of program

  • Step Seven- Repeat!

Contact the Blue Collar Sales Guys at our World Headquarters to begin your success journey!

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100% Guarantee


STRAIGHT TALK: If for any reason whatsoever you do not feel like you received more than your money’s worth by the first break – simply hand in your materials for a complete 100% refund.

MEASURABLE RESULTS: You will generate incremental sales at least twice (2x) your program investment as a result of embracing & practicing the Blue Collar Sales Guys principles over the next year.


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Let’s face it – it is tough out there and the market is changing every day! If you keep doing what you’ve been doing you won’t even get the same results. We offer proven simple ideas that work and that you can start doing today!